Ready to attract more prospects to your school website? 


We’ll help you understand the secret to effective and cost efficient Facebook Ads.facebook ads for schools

Facebook Advertising can be very confusing. Navigating the advertising maze alone can be daunting, and without a clear-cut instruction manual or how-to guide, the learning curve can be steep.  

While there are many online channels that you may want to consider for paid ads, Facebook Ads can be a good way to reach a very specific target audience and speed up the creation of your prospective parent database.

This webinar will help you:

  • Learn how to promote your school without wasting lots of money on FB ads
  • Recognize that you do not need to spend as much with hyper-targeting
  • Understand how to use Facebook ads properly and not just sell people
  • Increase your school's brand awareness in your community netting more leads

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