Are you planning to transition your open house virtually but you are unsure where to start?

Or maybe you have already transitioned to a virtual open house and are looking to improve the effectiveness of it.

Our team at Schola wants to help you.  We have been seeing what schools all over the country are doing and what is working and not working well in getting results.  We want to pass on some of those strategies and tactics to help you.

We are all pivoting and making drastic changes to how our schools operate during the pandemic.  Our goal is to serve you and help lighten the load a little by delivering some valuable information on how to implement a Virtual Open House. 

We encourage you to watch our on-demand webcast as we share ideas, tips, and advice on how you can organize a successful virtual open house and leveraging "story marketing" strategies to get your mission-appropriate families turn in their applications and enroll. 

Feel free to share this resource to your staff and board members.

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