Pricing | Proven DIY School Marketing System

Mastermind Group ($2000 Value)

Mastermind members have direct access to the Schola staff and like-minded peers through our private Facebook Group.  This is an online community where you'll ask questions and discuss marketing and admissions challenges. You'll get fresh ideas from Schola’s team and from other schools participating in the community as well.

Ralph Cochran, Schola team members, and special guests will appear for FB Live sessions on various topics throughout the month offering insights, tips, and tricks that will help you become better at marketing your school.

This focused and thoughtful mastermind group is a place you will come back to time and again to test your ideas and learn new strategies.

Gold Group Coaching ($2000 Value)

Gold Coaching Value $500 Month x 4 months = $2000

The Schola team hosts monthly live video conferences with all members to discuss current school marketing trends and topics. These are focused group coaching calls designed to address your challenges and opportunities. Attendees are able to submit questions and engage directly with our leaders.

In addition, each month you’ll have a 45-minute individual coaching session. During these sessions, Schola's team will assess your current marketing strategy and advise you on how to build a custom marketing plan for your school. You can also email our team for direct response to your questions in between sessions.  

Please note: Four months of the Gold coaching program are included as part of the DIY School Marketing System.

After 4 months, students have the option to continue with Gold coaching (at the one time 60% discount of $200 month), select a different level of coaching, or opt out from the coaching program altogether.

Details about the various coaching programs will be given at a later time. Overall, the different tiers reflect how much one-on-one time Schola works directly with your school and if there is any marketing strategy offered by the Schola team.

DIY School Marketing Course ($2000 Value)

This is not a generic marketing course for any business or industry. Instead, the school marketing course features 5 learning modules that address the goals and challenges specific to the world of private education. We understand your joys and trials and we speak the same language.

Exclusive Founders Club ($2000 Value)

Founders Club membership is limited to the grand opening of Schola University. We're offering special bonuses to the first 30 registrants. The first cohort of Schola University students will experience the course together while we improve it and make it available to more school leaders. Founders Club members will receive 4 months of Gold tier coaching (value of $2,000) and have access to all future updates to Schola University at no additional cost.

School Marketing Bootcamp (Value TBD)

All members of the Founders Club receive 50% off any Marketing Bootcamps that Schola offers in the future.  These bootcamps may be virtual events or live conference style events.

Payment Options

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