Story Marketing for Christian Schools

The Expert's Guide to Growing Enrollment Through Word of Mouth Marketing, Story Telling, and Inbound Marketing

Exclusive Live Book Launch with Ralph Cochran

As a school leader are these questions that come up at your board and administration meetings and administrator meetings?

  • What are our plans to improve enrollment at our school next year?
  • Have we met our current school enrollment goals?
  • How was retention? Do we have a system and strategy to sustain long term enrollment growth?
These are hard questions for many school leaders and we have been in your shoes.  The good news is there are answers and we have been helping schools like yours get answers and results. 

We can help you find answers and get results!

Schola's Founder & President, Ralph Cochran, has put together years of his experience and expertise in his new book, "Story Marketing for Christian Schools", and we can't wait to share these school growth secrets with you!

Story Marketing for Christian Schools by Ralph CochranDo you want a free copy of the book? Then watch this on-demand webinar and discover how to get your free copy of "
Story Marketing for Christian Schools".  

Don't forget to read some of the reviews below to hear what other school leaders are saying about the book. 

His new book was officially launched through this exclusive webinar! Discover what's in it for you in getting his new book, and how it can tremendously impact your school's growth through Word of Mouth Marketing, Story Telling, and Inbound Marketing. 

Story Marketing for Christian Schools

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​Allow your school's brand to emotionally connect with parents who do not know you.

​Build a mass movement of mission appropriate families in your community whose lives you can affect.

​Exponentially increase the number of prospects that will want to visit your campus.

Story Marketing for Christian Schools
Book Reviews

Story Marketing for Christian Schools by Ralph Cochran

“With unique expertise and experience, Cochran has written a book that confirms the tremendous value of telling the stories and getting the word out about the Christian school. Found within the pages of this book are stimulating stories and practical content that will not only gain the attention of the reader but ultimately benefit the practitioner in reaching the hearts and minds of potential families who are considering a Christian school for their children. It is one of the few books that speaks specifically to how one can advance a given school’s enrollment, by capitalizing on the daily reporting and unfolding of stories that reflect well on an education that is alive, and relevant for today’s society.”

Dr. Sandy Outlar
Ambassador to Christian Schools, Lancaster Bible College

“Experienced parents and teachers know that Christian schools are not knowledge factories. We are in the education business, which is not the same thing as manufacturing. It is not even the same thing as training. Educators have taken on the task of formation—as one writer has expressed it, schools are about formation, not primarily information. This is just another way of saying that education must be pursued as though people mattered.

But that’s as far as it goes, even when a school is a good school, and this crucial reality is remembered in the administration of the school and the day-to-day instruction in the classroom. When it comes to marketing that (excellent) school, two kinds of failures are common. Either the school is not marketed at all, or the school defaults to the American factory settings, which means the school is marketed in the same way other products are. Be it butter, cars, books, widgets, or schools, we revert to what someone learned in his business major thirty years ago. But it is a new world, and Ralph Cochran has provided us with a valuable service. He proposes a way of marketing your school as though people mattered, and, as it turns out, this is consistent with the conviction that results matter also.”
Douglas Wilson
Co-Founder of The Association of Classical Christian Schools, Logos School, and New Saint Andrews College and Minister at Christ Church

How do we cut through today’s noise to help ‘potential customers’ learn the right questions and choose our school, year after year? How do we guard the ‘back door’ with more effective student retention? The days of mailing out postcards, hosting simple events, and posting a few Facebook updates are long gone.

In an age of sound bites, limited time, and hyper-distracted parents, Ralph Cochran’s new book, ‘Story Marketing for Christian Schools,’ provides the answer to those who market Christian schools.
Ralph’s winsome book begins by framing the right questions to ask. He covers his proven inbound marketing approach at both the philosophical and strategic level but also provides practical tools, including worksheets, to better empower ‘word-of-mouth marketing.”
Davies Owens
Speaker & Host of Basecamp Live Podcast